Relay Test Blocks - Series NW-RTB
Relay Test Plug - Series NWRTPL

Relay Test Block Series NW-RTB, Relay Test Plugs Series NWTPL Manufacturer, India

Nelster Welcon


  • • Facilitates easy in-situ, onload testing of relays, metering and control panels without disrupting load circuit.
  • • Easy and safe for technicians to isolate protection relays, inject test signals and verify system performance.
  • • Rugged Construction
  • • Substantially reduces commissioning and routine maintenance
  • • Compatible with other popular brands of test plugs.


The housing of robust, high grade phenolic moulding, capable of long & trouble free performance in varied climatic conditions. It is designed and manufactured for indoor application. The terminals are brass, duly nickel plated. The contacts are spring loaded, silver plated and supported by phosphor bronze strips. Each contact is encapsulated separately in a module. Screws are provided at the rear for terminations. Alternatively, studs with nuts and washers could also be provided. Sealing holes on cover studs are provided to prevent unauthorized access. The front Cover can be removed for test purpose and replaced, thereafter. This Cover is fitted with a silver plated Contact finger to close the trip contact, when inserted. Otherwise, the trip contact would remain open. Thus the contact finger on the Cover, completes the entire circuit. Isolation of the trip circuit is feasible by removing the contact finger fitted to Cover, thus avoiding unwarranted tripping under test conditions.


  • • Conforms to requirements of IS-3231
  • • Tested for 2.5 kV. IR Value - 100m


  • • Test block can be projection or flush mounting


  • • Height - 100 mm Width - 180 mm Depth - 88 mm
  • • Add 25mm for blocks with terminal screws
  • • or add 40 mm for blocks with terminal studs.

Relay test block standard type NW-RTB-BC
Relay test block bus bar sysyem NW-RTB-02
Relay test plug NW-RTPL

Nelster Welcon